Subject:- Farm Power and Engine System (AE501)
Full Marks
B. Agri
Pass mark
3 hrs
Tribhuwan University
Institute of Engineering
Examination Control Division
2072 Chaitra

ü  Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable.
ü  Attempt All questions.
ü  The figures in the margin indicate Full marks.
ü  Assume suitable data if necessary.
1.        Discuss the application of solar energy in Agricultural farm. [6]
2.        List out the animal power harnessing equipments. Discuss the design parameter for animal harness. [2+4]
3.        Classify the internal combustion Engines. [4]
4.        Explain the working mechanism of four stroke compression ignition engine with theoretical PV diagram. [6]
5.        Define SFC, IP, BP and thermal efficiency. [3]
6.        A four stroke petrol engine delivers 35KW with a mechanical efficiency of 70%. The fuel consumption of the engine is 0.45kg/ and the A/F ratio is 14:1. The heating value of the fuel is 42000 KJ/Kg. Find the indicated power, frictional power, brake thermal efficiency, fuel consumption per hour and air consumption per hour. [7]
7.        Show the value operating diagram with neat sketch and list out its components. [4]
8.        What is air cleaner? Explain its types in detail. [6]
9.        What is the purpose of cooling system of IC engine? Explain about forced circulation method with net sketch. [6]
10.   What are the causes of pre-ignition and ignition delay? [3]
11.   Discuss the main functions of governor. Write down the types of lubricating system and describe about any one of them with a neat sketch. [4+6]
12.   What are the essential properties of fuel used in IC Engines? Explain the working principle of carburetor. [5+5]
13.   Describe the components of self starting system. How will you select engines for farm operations? [5+4]

Source:- Department of agricultural engineering,                                             Technical support:- Paudelpadamprasad

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