June 2018

Here is a list of syllabuses of each subject for the Fourth year (Seventh semester and Eighth semesterBachelor of Agricultural Engineering under Institute of Engineering NepalYou can click the link provided below to read/download the relative curriculum of each subject
For your exam based academic preparation, you should extremely follow the institutional syllabusHence syllabus is very important for a good student and always prefers syllabus.

Seventh Semester

Course structure
The course structure of the Third year is shown in the below figure you can save the image in your gallery.

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Some books for Highway Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Traffic Engineering

1.         Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering by C A O'Flaherty.pdf

This book was Edited by CA O'Flaherty and Contributing authors are MGH BellPW BonsaUGR LeakeAD MayCA Nash and CA O'Flaherty.This book is of 561 pages and this file is of 38.4MbWe got this file from 'Easy Engineering' website.To open/read/download this file please click here 

2.         Highway Engineering by S.K.Khanna and C.E.Gt.pdf

This book is of ninth edition 2011. This is Indian book written by S.K Khanna & C.E.GJusto and edited by Mr Indra Khanna & Mrs lalitha JastoThis book is written in simple english language, so it is easy to read and understandThis book is of 592 pages and file size is of 54.9Mb in pdf formatWe got this file from 'Easy Engineering' website.You can click here to open/read/download this file. 

3.         HIGHWAY ENGINEERING by Martin Rogerspdf

This HIGHWAY ENGINEERING is written by Martin Rogers (is from Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, Dublin Institute of Technology, Irelandand published by Blackwell Publishing LtdThis book is of 292 pages and file size is of 2.23Mb in pdf formatWe got this file from 'Easy Engineering' website.You can click here to open/read/download this file. 

4.         Highway and Traffic Engineering in Developing Countries 

This book 'Highway and Traffic Engineering in Developing Countries' is Edited by Bent Thagesen and (from Technical University of Denmarkand published by E & FN SPONThis book is of 593 pages and file size is of 12.72 Mb in pdf formatWe got this file from 'Easy Engineering' website.You can click here to open/read/download this file.  

Some Books/Manual/Journal for Rural Roads

1.         Rural Road Construction Strategy Example 2 Community based Road Construction for Livelihood Improvement in FW Nepal.pdfThis manual is the report for the part This2.         Harmonizing Rural Road Development with Mountain EnvironmentGreen Roads in Nepal by Hare Ram Shrestha (he is Director of SIDeF, Nepal and Vice-President, SCAEF Nepal).pdf

Some Books/Manual/Journal for Green Road & bioengineering

1.         SOIL BIOENGINEERING An Alternative for Roadside Management

2.         Soil Bioengineering Application and Practices in Nepal



5.         Bioengineering measures for stabilising cut slopes of Dipayal-Mallekh road, Far Western Nepal

6.         Green roadsBuilding environmentally friendly, low maintenance rural roads through local participation by Frances Klatzel (GTZ Food for Work, Nepal 2000).pdf

7. Harmonizing Rural Road Development with Mountain Environment green roads in Nepal.pdf

Road standards

1.         Nepal Road Standard 2070.pdf2.         Nepal Rural Road standards, 2055 2nd revision 2071.pdf3.         Indian Road Standard

Important Road reports

1.         ROADSIDE GEOTECHNICAL PROBLEMS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THEIR SOLUTION by Department of road, Government of Nepal 

Important website

1.         Department of road: http://dor.gov.np2.         Nepal Trail Bridge manual:  http://www.nepaltrailbridges.org.np/2015/manuals

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