January 2023


कृषि तथा वन विज्ञान विश्वविद्यालय

सेवा आयोग

उपप्राध्यापक पदको खुला प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परिक्षा


समय: २ घण्टा ३० मिनेट                                                                               पूर्णांक: ४०

बिषय: Agri-Engineering

Answer the following questions in separate answer sheets for each section,


Write Short Answer (8×2.5=20)

1.       What are the key differences in the primary and secondary tillage tools?

2.       In what ways land levelling and grading integrated with land consolidation would help improving efficiency opportunity for farm mechanization in Nepal?

3.       How does crop-livestock-forestry inter-linkages in Nepal’s hill farming system produce symbiotic relationship?

4.       What are meaning and significances of erosivity, erodibility and soil loss tolerance?

5.       What is farmstead planning? What are the key considerations in the planning of commercial farms?

6.       How is improvement in water application efficiency crucial to improving overall. Efficiency in the irrigation projects in Nepal?

7.       What are active and passive uses of solar energy in agriculture? How does a solar crop dryer work?

8.       What are the key reasons for lower water application efficiency in Nepal’s irrigated agricultural system?


Write Long Answer (2×5=10)

9.       What strategy of agricultural mechanization would be worth pursuing in Nepal to modernize agriculture considering smaller landholding size of large section of farmer producers, their subsistence agricultural practices, country’s physiographic diversity and current trend of feminization of farm operations due to migration of youths in search of jobs outside the country?


10.   How would investment in groundwater irrigation catalyse year round irrigation development in Nepal’s Terai region? What are key advantages of investment on promoting conjunctive use of surface and groundwater in large surface irrigation systems in the country?



Write Long Answer (2×5-10)

11.   How is integration of teaching, research and technology transfer valued in agricultural education in Agricultural and Forestry University? How are these three functions integrated into the functioning of the university?

12.   कृषि तथा वन विज्ञान विश्वविद्यालयमा बिषय समितिको गठन कसरी हुन्छ ? गठन बिधि उल्लेख गर्दै यसका कार्यहरू लेख्नुहोस्

The End