The 'Agrineer' is a word of combined form of Agriculture and Engineer i.e. Agrineer denotes the Agricultural Engineer. The ‘Agrineer’ is the product of Agricultural Engineering. This engineer has the responsibility to work in the field of agriculture and aimed to increase the productivity of crop by various engineering support on agriculture. An Agrineer always this to improve agriculture by the proper mechanization of farming system, changing the pattern of farming, implementing new technologies. They have great scope in the various field of agriculture and agriculture related other field also. Agrineer have relatively boarder scope than other engineer since food, cloth and shelter comes from the Nature/Agriculture. Mostly developing country like Nepal are mainly dependent on agriculture so their development, first there should be development on Agriculture. For development of agriculture, there should be mechanize the farming system with proper implementation of technologies. These can be done only through the Agricultural Engineering. The major field of Agricultural Engineering, its important, studying system and other important information are described in the page Agricultural Engineering. You can visit this page for further information.

In another senses,
Nepal Agricultural Engineering Student’s Society ‘NAESS’ publishes an annual journal Which has named ‘THE AGRINEER’. So the Agrineer also denotes this journal. This journal is prepared by collecting the scientific research article from differernt agricultural field written by the professional personalities. Like this, other international institute, in India, Agricultural Engineering in Australia, USA, Kenya also publish their paper with the same name Agrineer.

In another context, we have been started this blog as IOE Agrineer, this means IOE = Institute of Engineering, Agrineer = Agricultural Engineer. Institute of Engineering is one of the part of Tribhuvan University. That conducts the technical and Engineering Program. Under the umbrella of IOE, an Agricultural Engineering Department has been established. That offers the study of Agricultural Engineering. This site mainly contains the studying material for Agricultural Engineering under IOE.

In conclusion, the word Agrineer refers to the Agricultural Engineer. Some of the journal / magazine and other paper have been named as Agrineer. And this blog has also named ‘IOEAgrineer’ as adding front subscript IOE with Agriner.

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