Chapter Wise Questions on Engineering Professional Practice EPP For TU, IOE IV/II

Chapter -1

1.       What are the differences between society and community? Briefly describe the theories of social change.
2.       What are the impacts of technology and its changes in society in this 21st century?
3.       Define Society, Social Change, and Community. What are the characteristics of society?
4.       Write briefly the theories explaining the origin of society.
5.       What do you understand by Technology and Social Change? Write down the factors governing social change.

Chapter -2

1.       What do you mean by moral and ethics? Write down the code of conduct to be followed by engineers.
2.       What are moral and nonmoral actions? Write briefly the perspectives of engineering ethics.
3.       What is professionalism? Describe the features of a profession.
4.       What are the ways to make the right decision?
5.       Introduce Nepal Engineering Council and Nepal Engineers Association.
6.       What do you mean by a professional association? Discuss briefly on the principal objectives of the professional body.
7.       Why do people act unethically? In your opinion what are the reasons for the immoral act of some engineers in the past?
8.       What are the jurisdictions of Nepal Engineering Council?
9.       According to NEC Act, which category of membership is given to fresh graduates from the engineering background? What will be the punishment if an engineer practices without being registered at the Nepal Engineering Council?
10.   Do you think that being a member of Nepal Engineers Association is necessary?  Mention the benefits of professional nature for NEA members. List the name of the professional associations that you would like to get involved after graduating.
11.   Write five most important rules of conduct for a professional engineer considering the code of ethics prevalent in Nepal.
12.   Do you agree with the statement that “ Engineers are professional”? Give reasons.

Chapter -3

1.       What are the different fields a fresh graduate from the engineering background can take to after completing his education?
2.       What are the detailed duties of a Third Class Gazetted and Second Class Gazetted Engineer working in the public sector?
3.       What are the duties and responsibilities of an engineer working in the private field?
4.       If you get a chance to do some volunteering job after completing your degree, would you choose to join the job? Give reasons to support your answer.

Chapter -4

1.       Define contract. What are the essentials of contact?
2.       What are the purposes of earnest money, security deposit and pre-qualification in contracting procedures?
3.       What do you mean by Tender? What are the purposes of tendering? What are the advantages of pre-qualification?
4.       Define tort, liability, vicarious liability, and negligence? What are the elements of negligence?
5.       Write briefly about the types of contract based on enforceability. Write the significances of contracts.
6.       What are the contents of tender notice/advertisement?
7.       Elaborate the differences between valid, void and voidable contract.
8.       Explain briefly the general conditions of the contract and its essential contents.
9.       Explain tort law. What are the reasons behind introducing tort law in the society?

Chapter -5

1.       Write short notes on:- 
a)       Labor, Labor force and enterprises as per the Labor Act 2048
b)      The patent, trademark, and design
c)       Copyright and its process of registration
d)      Computer Crimes
2.       Define “employees” and “workers” as per the Labor Act 2048. Discuss health and safety of labors covered by the Act.
3.       What do you mean by Intellectual Property Right? Differentiate between copyright and patent right.
4.       What are the various categories of Intellectual Property Right?
5.       Differentiate between Public Limited and Private Limited Company?
6.       How serious is the violation of Intellectual Property Right in Nepal? What are the provisions for punishing anyone found to violate the right in Nepal?


1.       Describe briefly on Cross-Cultural Issues? How does it affect Globalisation?
2.       What do you mean by Public Private Partnership? Give some examples of Nepal’s PPP experience?
3.       What are the various types of PPP as per the Private Financing on Infrastructure Development and Operation Act 2063?
4.       What are the obstacles for PPP Implementation?
5.       Where do you place the value of safety in a company? List some few engineering controls for safety purposes.
6.       What is Cost-Benefit Analysis? What is its importance in any project?
7.       Define Conflict. What are the approaches to understand Conflict?
8.       How do most organizations handle negative conflict? Discuss briefly on 5P of conflict model.
9.       What are the various types of conflict?

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