Let Us c

Let US C

Is a C Programming book that can be used for taking reference for C Programming CT 401 of first year first part (First Semester).
Among the many book found in the market, Let Us C is  also one of the better book to easy understanding and convenient practice also. 

Even C programming is the High level and one of the vast language in computer, after the better study C programming becomes very simple and easy language.

First study and practice C programming language bu taking the reference of this book, it gives a good result on your programming. 

BOOK:- Let Us C
Writer:- Yashavant Kanetkhar
Edition:- Fifth Edition
Source:- Free internet resources
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Can be used:- as a reference book for Computer Programming (C Programming) 
For Bachelor of Engineering first year first part in Tribhuvan University's Acedemic syllabus.

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About the Author

Destiny drew Yashavant Kanetkar towards computers when the IT industry was just making a beginning in India. Having completed his education from VJTI Mumbai and IIT Kanpur in Mechanical Engineering he started his training company in Nagpur.
Yashavant has a passion for writing and is an author of several books in C, C++, VC++, C#, .NET, DirectX and COM programming. He is a much sought after speaker on various technology subjects and is a regular columnist for Express Computers and Developer 2.0. His current affiliations include being a Director of KICIT, a training company and DCube Software Technologies, a software development company. In recognition to his contribution Microsoft awarded him the prestigious “Best .NET Technical Contributor” award recently. He can be reached at kanetkar@kicit.com


It has been a journey of almost a decade from the stage the book idea of “Let Us C” was conceived up to the release of this Fifth Edition. During this journey I have met so many students, developers, professors, publishers and authors who expressed their opinions about Let Us C. They have been the main motivators in my effort to continuously improve this book.
In particular I am indebted to Manish Jain who had a faith in this book idea, believed in my writing ability, whispered the words of encouragement and made helpful suggestions from time to time.
The five editions of this book saw several changes and facelifts. During this course people like Ajay Joshi, Amol Tambat, Ajay Daga, Nandita Shastri, Mrunal Khandekar and Rahul Bedge helped in writing programs, spotting bugs, drawing figures and preparing index. I trust that with their collective acumen all the programs would run correctly in all situations.
Anup Das, my colleague has a lot of influence on this Fifth Edition. He helped my clarify my thoughts and pointing me in the direction of Windows and Linux. He sincerely wanted this edition to offer “C, in today’s perspective”. I am hopeful that his dream has been realized.
I thank Seema, my wife, for her friendship and for her contributions in everything that I do in IT in ways more than she could ever guess. Though she is a Gynecologist by profession she has the uncanny ability to come up with suggestions that make me feel “Oh, why didn’t it occur to me”.
And finally my heartfelt gratitude to the countless students who made me look into every nook and cranny of C. I would forever remain indebted to them..

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