Subject:- Farm Machinery and Equipments (AE551)
Full Marks
B. Agri
Pass mark
3 hrs
Tribhuwan University
Institute of Engineering
Examination Control Division
2073 Bhadra

ü  Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable.
ü  Attempt All questions.
ü  The figures in the margin indicate Full marks.
ü  Assume suitable data if necessary.

1.       A) What are the objectives of farm mechanization? Explain scope and limitation of farm mechanization.
B) Explain the role of tillage in agricultural economics.
C) An indigenous plough has a 15 cm wide furrow at the top and 8 cm depth. Calculate the volume of soil handled in 8 hours of day. If the speed of working is 3.5 kmph, calculate the horse power requirement to pull the plough, if soil resistance is 0.8 kg/cm².

2.       A) Differentiate the primary tillage and secondary tillage and list out implements used in primary as well as secondary tillage.
B) A horizontal plate planter has 54 cells on its peripheral length of 54.3cm. The gear on the plate drive shaft has 24 teeth and is rotated by feed shaft gear which has 15 teeth. A 20 toothed sprocket on the main shaft drives the 10 toothed sprocket on the feed shaft.  Find the spacing of the seeds in the row and also the speed of cell plate in kmph, if the ground wheel speed is 1.125 kmph. Take the diameter of ground wheel as 0.8 meter. Find also the population of seeds in per hectare if cell fill is 105% and the row spacing is 25cm.
3.       A) Discuss the need and objective of spraying and dusting in brief.  Classify duster and explain them in brief.
B) Enumerate the various threshing methods employed in country like Nepal. List out the function of power thresher and explain different types of power thresher with neat sketches.

4.       A) What do you mean by proper registration and alignment of mower? Describe the working of vertical conveyer reaper with neat sketches.
B) What is the custom hiring of farm machines? Write down the advantages and disadvantages of combine –harvester thresher. Discuss about the tool and equipments for hill farming in Nepal.

5.       A) A chaff cutter having two knives cut dry hay at 60rpm giving 480kg/hour. If the throat size is 18 cm×6 cm find the effective density of dry hay for theoretical length of cut of 2.5cm
B) How paddy transplanter works, explain.
C) A progressive farmer willing to invest in custom hiring of machine in agricultural field. He requests you to calculate the operating cost of mould board plough with the very few information listed under.
        i) Cost of tractor = 13,50,000/-
        ii) Cost of mould board plough = 3,50,000/-

Source:- Department of agricultural engineering,                                             Technical support:- Paudelpadamprasad

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