Engineering Drawing is the one of the technical subject and is quite differ with the other types of drawing. It is totally based on the accurate measurement and scale system.
The Engineering Drawing would be tough subject to the students who are newer in the drawing sector. This becomes slightly tough due to having low imagination power, i.e thinking power is required to solve the problem of Engineering drawing. Mostly in the Engineering Drawing, we analyze the given condition and imagine the whole body structure from the given least tips. The problem of Engineering drawing would be concerned with the Conversion of three dimension to two dimension and vice versa. According to the principle of to show the maximum possible view of an object the engineering drawing uses many technique to prepare drawing. This would be start from drawing basic feature of two dimension such as point, line, triangle, rectangle and so on, similarly basic feature of three dimension such as tetrahedron, cube, sphere etc. Then it goes simpler to complex. Intersection of line, line and plane’s characteristics, surface development, cross section, orthographic drawing, interaction curve drawing etc. Similarly on three dimensional drawing production such as the isometric drawing, oblique drawing, perspective drawing etc.  The main usefull drawing under  engineering drawing are Machine drawing, Building drawing, circuit drawing (Electronics drawing) etc. These drawing are used for various field such as Designing and Development (Machine design, civil engineering design, PCB board design etc)
Now a development of some software like AutoCAD removes the much tedious traditional task (hand drawing)  to convenient form. 

Engineering  Drawing II is a portion of basic Engineering drawing.

Here are the some material for Engineering Drawing II. You can click the link provided to study/download the available material for Engineering Drawing.
1.EngineeringDrawing II Tutorial Sheet- By Department of Mechanical Engineering Pulchowk Campus
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