Second Paper Questions asked on provincial public service commission (PSC) examination of Madesh Pradesh for the post of agricultural engineering 2079

Date: 2079/08/21
Time: 3hrs 
Full marks: 100
Subject: Technical Subject
Write the answer of following questions on the sectionwise separate sheet. 

Section -A
1. What is Land levelling? Why is it important in lowland rice cultivation? How can you get the agricultural land levelled? [10]

2. Find the normal depth of flow in rectangular channel having side slopes of 2H:1V with bottom width of 3m and discharge of 12m³/sec consider the bed slope of 1:200 and manning's coefficient of 0.013. [10]

Section - B
3. What are the common types of nozzles used in a Knap sack sprayer? Describe the spraypatterns of each nozzle type and its application. [5]

4. What is a reaper? Name various types of reapers. [5]

5. List the inspection points and maintenance that to be carried out daily before operation of the power teller. Similarly list the maintenance in included in periodic maintenance. [5+5=10]

6. Describe the different type of seed and fertilizer metering mechanism in a drill. Write the procedure for calibrating seed cum fertilizer drill. [4+3+3=10]

Section - C
7. What are the difference between thin layer drying and deep bed drying of grains? [10]

8. What is difference between Refrigeration and air conditioning? Write the principle of cold storage design. [4+6=10]

Section - D
9. Explain in detailed about the different types of dairy ban with functional components and equipment involved. [10]

10. Define green roads. Draw plan and elevation of a typical septic tank of a farm house having a family of four members. [2+8=10]

11. Put your opinion how, Green Road Approach is a sustainable way of construction rural roads that considers both environment and economic aspects. Explain what type of water supply system is more suitable for rural community? [3+2=5]

12. What are the selection criteria of electric motor in the farm? Write the operating principle of AC motor in brief. [3+2=5]

------*The End*-------

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