Public Service Commission examination, Agricultural Engineering 2077 question set

 लोक सेवा आयोग

नेपाल कृषि सेवा, एगृ इञ्जिनियरिङ्ग समूह,

राजपत्राङ्कित तृतीय श्रेणी (प्राविधिक) पदको प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परीक्षा २०७७

पत्रः- द्वितीय

विषय:- Technical Subject

समय- ३ घण्टा

पूर्णाङ्रः- १००

निम्न प्रश्नहरूको उत्तर Section अनुसार छुटाछुट्टै उत्तरपुस्तिकामा लेख्नुपर्नेछ, अन्यथा उत्तरपुरितका रद्द हुनेछ ।

Section - A

1. What is land levelling? How is it done for wheat crop in Terai? [10 Marks]

2. Discuss briefly the design principles involved in the design of a strainer of tube wells.[10 Marks]

Section - B

3. Describe briefly the functioning of combine harvester. [5 Marks]

4. What is trans-planter? Name various types of trans-planter. [5 Marks]

5. Name different types of sprayers. Explain any most commonly used sprayers by small farmers in Nepal. [10 Marks]

6. Describe the commonly used tractors for field preparation in Nepal. Also list the advantages and disadvantages of each types of tractors. [10 Marks]

Section - C

7. How can proper postharvest handling reduce the losses of fruit and vegetables? Give a feasible suggestion to reduce the losses in the context of Nepal. [10 Marks]

8. Explain the functioning of seed processing equipment. Also list the advantages and disadvantages. [10 Marks]

Section - D

9. What are green roads? Explain the role of green roads in Nepal. [5 Marks]

10. What is Bio-engineering? Describe various types of Bio-engineering measures. [5 Marks]

11. Define farmstead. Describe the steps and factors that is needed to be considered planning a farmstead. [10 Marks]

12. Explain the different systems of poultry house with diagrams. Suggest suitable model to be adopted in Earthquake context and why? [10 Marks]

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