Syllabus, Lecture Note, Important questions collections, Old Questions, Books on GROUND WATER DEVELOPMENT AND TUBEWELL TECHNOLOGY

Here are some collections of studying material {Syllabus, Lecture Note, Important questions collections, Old Questions, Books} on GROUND WATER DEVELOPMENT AND TUBEWELL TECHNOLOGY. You can click the link provided below to full accessing of these files. One thing you should remember that these materials are collected from various unauthorized sites. So, do not use for the public and professional purpose, only use for private purpose only.



  1. Groundwater Hydrology by Dr. DK Tood.[PDF]
  2. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines by BS Publication.pdf

Lecture notes

  • Lecture Notes on Ground water

Fundamentals of Water Well Design, Construction and Testing by Dan Matlock, Principal Hydrogeologist Pacific Groundwater Group ~ Seattle, WA

Important questions collections [Assignment questions solutions]

Old questions collections

  1. 7_ground_water_2068_Bhadra.jpg [IOE old question paper]
  2. 7_ground_water_2069_Bhadra.jpg [IOE old question paper]
  3. 7_ground_water_2069_chaitra.jpg [IOE old question paper]
  4. 7_ground_water_2070_chaitra.jpg [IOE old question paper]
  5. 7_ground_water_2071_Shrawan.jpg [IOE old question paper]
  6. 7_ground_water_2071_chaitra.jpg [IOE old question paper]
  7. 7_ground_water_2072_chaitra.jpg [IOE old question paper]
  8. 7_ground_water_2073_chaitra.jpg [IOE old question paper]
  9. 7_ground_water_2074_chaitra.jpg [IOE old question paper]

Other material for Numerical and theoretical references

  1. [GATE IES PSU] IES MASTER Hydraulic Machines  Study Material for GATE,PSU,IES,GOVT Exams
  2. Fluid Mechanics  Study Material for GATE,PSU,IES,GOVT Exams

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