Prepositions: are words often used before a noun to show it relations to the other part of a clause.
1.    On.
·    Date/ day/ parts of a particular day: on 3rd November, on my birthday, on Christmas day
·    Vehicles: on motorbike, (which we ride on them)
·     Surface/ direction/ position on the line: on the table, on the left, on the way to home
·    Electronic media: on Kantipur TV, on the radio, on the internet.
·    To describe an activity: on business, on holiday.
·    Supported by somebody/something: standing on the foot, on the comitee.
2.    In
·       Place( city, country, village): in Dharan, in the field, in Asia
·       Inside positions: in the room, in the car, in his bag
·       Profession: I am in trade, in army, in college
·       Parts of a day/ period of time: in the morning, in a few weeks, in the evening
·       Form, shape, arrangement and quantity of something: they are in row. I am in blue shirts.
·       Month/year/century: in July, in 2017, in 21st century
·       Language/ medium: in English, I write in Nepali.
·       Aspects: Nepal is rich in natural beauty. We are backward in science and technology. 
·       Phrases: in spite of, in my opinion, in conclusion, in such a way
3.    At
·       Fixed place: at the theatre, at the lakeside, at home, at the concert
·       Time/ age of certain events: at 11 AM, he had started education at 4.
·       Rate/ speed/ point: gold sells at 48,000/- a tola. We drove at 90 km/hr. Water bolis at 100ยบC.
·       Telephone number/ email. You can meet me at 9842349177. Please email me at
·        Activity / course: I’m good at dancing. I’m poor at English.
4.    Between
·       Used for two person or things: I am standing between
5.    To
·       Destination/ direction: I went to college. To the right of the door there is notice board.
·       Limitation/ comparison: I read the book from page no. 7 to 70.  The Prime Minister is superior to all ministers.
·       Receiver: Please pass this note to Manoj.
6.    For
·       Aimed at: this note is for BAG.
·       Because of
·       Price: I paid 45,000 for this cell phone.
·       Destination: He left for Paris yesterday.
7.    Over
·       Vertically up: the plane flew over the mountains.
·       Throughout: telephone service is all over Nepal.
·       More than: over 70% people in Nepal are farmer.
·       Completion: the class was over by 1 pm.
8.    By
·       Vehicle: I went to Biratnagar by motor cycle.
·       Measure: gold sell by grams.
·       Cause: he was hit by bus.
·       Origin: I am an Indian by birth.
·       Author/ writer: Hamlet is written by Shakespeare.
·       Through: the thief entered by the back window.
9.    Above:
·       Higher than: there is beautiful village above the green fields.
·       More than: over 70% people in Nepal are farmer.
10.                 With:
· In company of: I went to Pokhara with my friends.
· Carrying:  he came here with carrying laptop.
· Concerning: students are not happy with the result.
11.                 Across:
· On opposite site: there is a bank across the street.
· One side to another: he ran across the river.

Some other prepositions
1.    After: he ran after the thief.
2.    Against: the table is against the war
3.    Among: I am standing among the students.
4.    Around: around 40% people in Nepal lack health facility.
5.    Before: I wake up before 8 am
6.    Behind: there is forest behind our college.
7.    Besides: besides books, bring laptop also.
8.    In front of: in front of the college there is a tree.
9.    Up: ram walked up the hills.
10.                 Towards: he ran toward the bus.
11.                 Through:  I ran through water.
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