Collection of studying material of Engineering Surveying & Levelling {Books, Lecture notes, Questions papers etc} Surveying and levelling - by N NBASAK.pdf 2. Surveying by Dr.B.C Purnima-An reference book for IOE B.Agri II/II and BCE II/I&II 3. Fundamentals of Surveying by S.K Roy.pdf 4. Engineering Surveying, 5thEd_W. Schofield.pdf 5. Surveying-Problem Solving with Theory and Objective Type Questions, by Dr A.M.Chandra.pdf

Collection of studying material of Engineering Surveying & Levelling {Books, Lecture notes, Questions papers etc}

Here are some collections of studying material {Books, Lectures Notes, old questions papers, camping reports, syllabus, tutorial} on Engineering survey. You can click the link provided below to full accessing of these file. One thing you should remember that, these materials are collected from various unauthorized sites. So, do not use for public and professional purpose, only use for private purpose only.
The Engineering survey is a basic subject of Civil Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Diploma in civil engineering, civil overseer, civil sub overseer, survey engineering and other survey related field.
As per American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), Surveying is the science and art of making all essential measurements to determine the relative position of points or physical and cultural details above, on, or beneath the surface of the Earth, and to depict them in a usable form, or to establish the position of points or details by means of direct or indirect measurements of distance, direction and elevation. It also includes the art of establishing points by pre-determined angular and linear measurements.
Thus, surveying is an art and science of determining the relative position of points on, above or beneath the surface of the earth by direct and indirect methods of angular and linear measurements and representation of these information either graphically or numerically. In surveying, all measurements of lengths are horizontal, or elsewhere are subsequently reduced to horizontal distances. The objective of survey is to prepare plan or map so that it may represent the area on the horizontal plane. A plan or map is the horizontal projection of an area and shows only horizontal distances of the points. Vertical distances between the points are, however, shown by contour lines, hachure or some other methods. The results of surveys are used to map the earth, prepare navigational charts, establish property boundaries, develop data of land used and natural resource information etc. Further survey maintains highways, railroads, buildings, bridges, tunnels, canals, dams and many more. Surveying is the main roots for the execution of any civil/Agricultural engineering projects.



1.     Surveyingand levelling - by N N BASAK.pdf
3.     Fundamentals of Surveying by S.K Roy.pdf


IOE Exam Question Papers

1.     Survey 2073 Bhadra


Ø These syllabuses are of Agricultural Engineering in Nepal under IOE institute of engineering of TU (Tribhuvan University).
Ø The Survey Camping report is of One group of Agricultural Engineering prepares in 2017.
Ø These Book are collected from different Indian sites. And these Indian Books are used as reference book in most of Asian Country. In the point of popularity, Surveying and levelling - by N. N. BASAK is mostly preferred by students. Other books above are also equally useful.
Ø The question paper listed above is of Surveying and leveling (CE502) for B.Agri II/II

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